Creativity Lab is your home for evidence based, holistic and personalised approach developing creative thinkers and leaders.

 Thinking creatively helps us to solve seemingly unsolvable challenges and make better business decisions.

Successful scientists, artists, entrepreneurs have incredible ability to balance between play and discipline, exploration and focus, thinking and action, short and long term goals. However, this such ability requires embracing paradoxes, being comfortable with uncertainty, and rejection, which sometimes goes against our nature to feel safe, belong and predict with precision.

Creativity Lab is a space where you get rid of your fears, grow your creative confidence, become a creative leader, and develop your personalised creative process.

We deliver workshops and products that will help you to practice a creative mind set, creative thinking skills and routines so you are able to continuously switch between exploration and focus modes, achieve short and long term goals, and make decisions that are best for you, your team and businesses.



What we believe:


At Creativity Lab we believe in experimenting - learning quickly without taking big risks, so we can decrease the fear of uncertainty. We believe that failure does not exist and we give ourselves permission to generate lots of ideas that don’t work until we find what works. It is alright if not everyone is a big fan of your ideas. Remember, with new ideas comes uncertainty and the unknown and without even realising we might reject even our own ideas. We believe that what we put in we get out. To be at our best and produce the best work we have to feed our creative resources. We have to master switching between exploration and execution. At Creativity Lab you can find your own way to achieve that.

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