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Great leadership always begins with understanding you

2 day workshop

Available as a programme of 4  weekly sessions.


Creative thinking is key for businesses to stand out, grow, attract and retain their best talents. For individuals is a way for more meaningful work, healthier and happier life.


But while the world is calling for more creative thinkers and leaders, at the same time mental health and low engagement challenges are increasing: 

1.3 million people in the UK suffer from a work-related illness and half a million suffering from work-related stress (HSE, 2017).

Evidence shows that line managers are the number one cause of stress, but managers are equally overwhelmed and pressured to deliver more and more with less and less resources. (HSE, 2017).

87% of employees worldwide are not engaged, with the consequences of $7 trillion lost productivity Gallup (2017).

Not surprisingly, when leaders and their teams are overwhelmed with continuously increasing demands, no one has energy to think creatively as everyone is fighting everyday fires. How can we lead creatively under stress, anxiety, and pressure of deadlines. The answer is simple WE CAN'T

Under high pressure employees recourse to autopilots and habitual ways of working instead of focusing on innovative and high quality outputs. Thinking creatively so much in demand becomes as yet another demand for employees and there leaders. But it doesn't have to be. Many of us see wellbeing, creativity and productivity as being in conflict, but at Creativity Lab we show how you can develop a complete innovation practice, experience more productivity and wellbeing. 


Creativity Lab offers a unique programme combining scientific evidence, business cases and hands on experiences that all together help individuals and teams to integrate creative thinking in their everyday demanding workflows and enjoy high productivity and sense of wellbeing.

Participants will enhance awareness of existing limiting beliefs and biases, grow a creative mindset, learn and apply core creative thinking skills as well as design their personalised creativity, productivity and well-being enhancing practices.


Receive DIP – a library of evidence based bite-size nudges in a box to keep up with embedding creative thinking in everyday work flow.

Session One

Fears, blocks and biases of creative process:

 Recognising our fears and how we can overcome them.

 Understanding how our brain deal with uncertainty of creative process.

 Enhancing awareness of cognitive biases that limit our creativity.

Recognising creative blocks and how to overcome them.

Session TWO

Developing a creative


What is a creative mind-set and where do we get one?

Balancing between play and discipline, exploration and focus, short and long term goals.


Nature or nurture debate and other creativity myths;

What we can learn from fashion and music industries.

Session Three

Core creative thinking skilLS

This is a hands on session where participants will enhance their core creative thinking skills, draw on existing business case studies and practice new skills to real workplace challenges. Participants will enhance awareness how those skills can help sustain their capability be creative on demand.


Learn when to use divergent and convergent thinking. Switch between two modes.

Practice applying existing knowledge in new ways.

Practising making connections to come up with better ideas. 

Analogical thinking: finding analogies and applying then to solve business challenges


Session four

DIP – design your own innovation practice

Research based framework of creative routines.

Routines enhancing your creativity, productivity and wellbeing.


How to integrate creative thinking in your everyday flow?

How to be creative on demand?

Find out what works best for you and design your own innovation practice to be at your best.

We can deliver a customized session for your organisation. You can also email at to discuss what works the best for your team.

About Dr Ieva Martinaityte



Creative Leadership Academy is delivered by Dr Ieva Martinaityte, a Founder of Creativity Lab and Assistant Professor at Norwich Business School, UEA. She is passionate about bringing more creativity into work and life and has been researching creativity for more than a decade.


“We have to continuously feed and nurture our mental, emotional, and physical resources if we want to produce original work. I founded Creativity Lab so everyone can be inspired to experiment and experience the joy of the creative process.”


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