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Master your creative process and enjoy greater productivity and sense of well-being.

In that moment, when many hours of experiments and failures finally come together in an original thought or piece of work, it feels good. We feel proud of our achievement. It is meaningful. It is fulfilling.


Yet not all creative endeavours result in original work. Sometimes creative thinking becomes blocked and new ideas can seem beyond reach. With the luxury of time and space it’s usually possible to work through these barriers, but in business time is often unavailable.



Discover how to be creative on demand



Being creative can be emotionally and mentally draining, even more so when juggling multiple projects alongside the everyday pressures of work and home. In this one-day workshop Dr Ieva Martinaityte will help you to Design Your Innovation Practice (DIP).


Based on her research into creativity, Ieva will give you the tools and knowledge that will enhance your creative process, increase productivity, and give you a greater sense of wellbeing. The day will include:

-      The psychology of creative process

-       Exploring your creative strengths and core skills

-      Balancing between play and efficiency, explorations and focus

-      An evidence based framework for improving creative process 

-      Being creative in your own way. 


This workshop is designed for individuals or teams of all levels, who work in a creative role and want to improve their ways of working.



About Dr Ieva Martinaityte



Workshop is delivered by Dr Ieva Martinaityte who is a Founder of Creativity Lab and Assistant Professor at Norwich Business School, University of East Anglia. She is passionate about bringing more creativity into work and life and has been researching creativity for more than a decade.


“We have to continuously feed and nurture our mental, emotional, and physical resources if we want to produce original work. I founded Creativity Lab so everyone can be inspired to experiment and experience the joy of the creative process.”


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