develop your innovation practice


A library of evidence based actionable insights

that helps embedding innovation into

your daily workflow.










DIP is a library in a box of carefully selected research evidence bites by Creativity Lab founder

Dr Ieva Martinaityte and beautifully illustrated by our talented artist in residence Daisy Morgan.


We all juggle multiple between multiple goals at work, but with DIP creativity,

productivity and your well-being is never in conflict.


Whenever you are stuck, under pressure,

experiencing a creative block, learn how to pick up a DIP

that is best for you at that moment.

Many successful artists, scientists and entrepreneurs embrace 

the messiness of creative process but are mundane in their daily routines.


Take a DIP to unstuck, reduce frustration and anxiety,

overcome your barriers and get energised. Develop your own creative process so you can be creative on demand.



Receive 1- research bite, 1- genius advice,

1- practical tip.

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